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                Automatic Inner Laminating Machine

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                • Automatic Inner Laminating Machine

                  ZTC-700/900C Automatic Inner Laminating Machine uses servo drive, optical scale positioning, servo correction and new technology as well. This machine can finish automatically the inner paper feeding, gluing, cardboard feeding, positioning and flattening processes with high accuracy, fast speed and high quality product and provides inner laminating products solution at first time in the printing and packaging industry.



                • PERFORMANCE

                  The double sheets detect system with our own patent and provide the effective solution of double or more sheets feeding problem.

                  The photoelectric detecting and servo correcting unit help the board laminating on the inner paper quickly and accurately.

                  Multi circulation board feeding unit enhances the board feeding speed greatly.

                  A special cam mechanism makes the machine performance more stable and reliable and low fault.

                  The operating system with touch-screen can display the machine fault and hint directly so that operation is convenient and troubleshooting is fast.

                  Adopt up suction feeder is an effective solution to the problem of surface scratches

                • MAIN CONFIGURATION
                  • 德国劳易测光感元件

                  • 日本好利旺真空泵

                  • 日本松下伺服电机

                  • 台湾亚德客气动元件

                  • 日本NSK轴承

                  • 日本松下PLC、变频器、温控仪

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